This fully automated bread bagger (SCOOP DRIVE) is capable of packing almost any type of bread at a high speed, (up to 60 loaves per minute).

Unique NOSIBO Slicer features

  • Versatile left or right-handed loaf feeder
  • Continuous variable operating system
  • Exceptional simple operation
  • Suitable for nearly all types of loaves
  • Compact, space saving design
  • High uptime
  • Minimum waste
  • High capacity
  • Optimizing production flows in your bakery
  • Choice of high or low speed operation
  • Extremely low maintenance requirements
  • Short cleaning time
  • Consistent production runs

NOSIBO BreadSlicer

This “recipe”-slicer is compact and especially designed to slice different types of bread. The feed of the loaves is independent to the movement of the blade frame, which makes it possible to adjust the speed to the various types of bread. Our high cutting speed increases the output of your production.

Unique NOSIBO Slicer features

  • Minimizes wastage
  • Optimizes production flows in every bakery
  • High output and constant slice quality
  • Up to 60 loaves/min
  • Easily combines with other-make systems
  • Labour-saving production
  • Exceptional ease of operation
  • Suitable for nearly all types of loaves
  • High uptime
  • Minimum space required
  • Extremely low servicing requirements


Blades/Knives are produced on a fully automatic machine, working 24 hours a day! Blades are produces for the industrial bakeries and for the individual small bakery slicing machines, on request with and without coating (NO TEFLON).

In house production

  • In house development and production in Holland
  • In house blades and knives production for industrial and medium size bakeries
  • In house installation and service team, operating world wide and based on more than 25 years experience

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